Quality Time
with Family

In our fast-paced world today, families often struggle to find time to connect and share special moments due to busy schedules, distractions from technology, and the demands of modern life

The freshness
of ingredients

It is not only the quality of what we consume but also the transparency and integrity of the source


As we try to provide enough food for more and more people around the world while also taking care of our planet, it’s important to understand how farming can affect the environment. Things like cutting down forests, soil wearing away, water getting polluted, and gases going into the air (like from cars) are connected to how we grow our food.


Decarbonized Community

Farm To Table

We welcome you to discover how we grow organic vegetables sustainably. Our path from the farm to your table shows our dedication. We’re proud to make tasty dishes using ingredients straight from our fields. Join in on our activities to learn how we’re helping make a positive difference in the world.

Harvest Experience
for family

  • Experience for kids to pick some fresh tomatoes
  • Free small event for restaurant customers
Feb 17 - 18 | Feb 24 - 25

Home fresh hydro farm

Fresh Premium Tomato for Sales

Cultivated at a restaurant farm Power by BIJIN TOMATO
  • Harvest season in Feb
  • Super fresh, sweet, and cute!!
  • Selling at Home Fresh Hydro Farm
  • Special Price 80 Baht per pack
Now on sales

Home fresh hydro farm

What’s Hot?

Our events
Fresh Premium Tomato for Sales
Now on sales

Home fresh hydro farm

Harvest Experience for family
2024 Feb 17-18 | Feb 24-25

Home fresh hydro farm

Up Coming
Up coming

Chulalongkorn University

Decabonized cellection

Explore our eco-friendly collection for a greener future simple, effective, and sustainable.

About Us

We are a collaborative Thailand-Japan team

Dedicated to fostering sustainable development in Thai society through the joy of delicious meals made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Decarbonized Community

Project Members

Collaborating to create a smart farm on campus and provide an eco-friendly community farm with students.

Introducing the farm-to-table concept from Europe, offering hydroponically grown vegetables and original menus in Bangkok.

Cultivating delicious cherry tomatoes in Chiang Rai using unique farming methods, selling domestically and internationally.

A digital solution company leading projects contributing to Thaniland’s innovation, digital transformation, and well-being.

Powerd by Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.

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